The fundamental inspiration for my tableware comes from nature, especially “the microscopic world”. I adore the organic shape and patterns in an invisible world such as cells, genes and microorganisms, and I aim to translate them into my work, and bring extraordinary vibes into an ordinary everyday life.

During my MA course, I did some user research on visually impaired people, and since then how you would feel when your hands come into contact with the work has become a part of the things I consider. The idea of pile-up dotting technique I often use for decoration has actually come from there. I also use lots of spikes. They are an area of investigation and to create tension, fragility and flows.


Framed sculpture

Framed sculpture project was born in order to liberate myself from the dilemma of working on functional objects.

I especially have chosen to work on wall pieces, because I wanted to develop something in minority genre. When I started this project, the majority of ceramic sculptures I recognized were free standing /installation base which allows audience to have multiple viewing. I would rather work with fixed viewpoint just like watching paintings.

The wall piece sculpture has a few disadvantages technically, such as height, size, etc. as compared to free standing one, however the great thing about the wall piece is, I believe, you can easily explore the compositional side of work due to its fixed viewpoint as well as pursuing the form of the sculpture.

I apply slip-casting technique, which I use for creating my tableware, for this project so as to create hollow body of the sculpture. This minimizes weight, and also enables me to play with a sort of “inside-ness”, when I cut open some parts of the sculpture’s body.

In addition to the inspiration from microscopic world, I am also strongly drawn by the abstract modern paintings, especially the compositional works by Paul Klee, Victor Pasmore, and Frits Hundertwasser.

Recently, I have been incorporating some additional materials. These include coiled telephone cables and metal wires. I select them carefully. It is my intention that they aesthetically suit the porcelain sculpture’s form.


(new project 2018)

This is my marathon project of creating 100 vases over the next four years. (I will be creating two vases a month, approximately.) The vases which are going to be created will be based on 2D shapes. This unusual process of making will be a good challenge for me to see how far I can go with shapes without relying on 3D thinking, and of course without losing its functionality.

Also this project will be carried out between my other projects / activities, therefore I should come up with the idea of its shape pretty swiftly.

 Due to the limited space of my studio, it will be impossible to keep all the models and moulds, therefore I have decided to make them as edition of 20 for each vase. Once they reach their number, the mould will be destroyed.


Antique project

(new project 2018)

The project derives from a concept of what can be possibly incorporated into ceramic forms, with which the idea had come up while I was working on my wall piece sculptures.

I came across these antique items at some point, and found their design and structure absolutely fascinating as well as finding the possibility of matching up with the texture of porcelain.

The difference between this project and all my other projects is that, rather than creating objects from total imagination, it starts with confrontation with the object, and then you have to think how to cook it.

And also this could be a collaborative work between myself and the artisans whoever had created these beautiful tools and objects long time ago. (whether he or she approves what I am going to do with it or not)

Outline sculpture

(new project 2018)


Since 2012, I have been concentrating on creating wall piece sculptures, and I was not going to do anything with free standing ones unless I come up with a new concept.

The idea came up all of sudden about the last summer when I was looking at a distorted broken carbon box. I somehow got attracted to its shape and picked up the part of outline of it and drew it on paper. I then realized that most of the objects have their outlines and I thought it would be interesting to pick only a few lines which have inspired you and translate it into your own shape to create as a sculpture. The line you have chosen will become sort of pipe, but the shape will not always be stable enough to keep its balance, so I might have to add extra supportive pipe / line and that will make the sculpture’s shape more interesting, I suppose